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genetic programming to play the game go


gollem (alt. golem) -- n. In Jewish folklore, an artificially created human being supernaturally endowed with life.

What is Go ?

Go is an ancient game of strategy that is played all over the world.

More information about go can be found at the pages referenced in my go links page.

a game of go
A screen shot from b!Gollem of a game in progress.

What is b!Gollem ?

Gollem is a genetic programming system that evolves strategies to play the game go. You can use Gollem to referee a game between two people, you can play against the computer, you can pit Gollem against itself, or you can watch Gollem "evolve" by "breeding" new players.

Gollem is a work in progress that is nearing completion. The pages that follow provide an overview of the design of the system. The pages are organized as follows:

 o The GUI Interface
A user's guide.

 o Genetic Components
What Gollem knows, how Gollem learns.

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