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Rod Waldhoff

Hi there, and welcome to my pages.

I'm currently working for The Planet Group, a consulting company in Chicago that specializes in web/database development. Check out our homepage at

I'm a recent (well, 1997) graduate of Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. My degree is in Mathematics.

You may want to see my online resume, my portfolio, or send me a note.

I'm reorganizing things here, so please exuse the mess.

Current Projects:

I've been working on a DTD for documenting patterns in XML. You may want to look at the draft. Please comment!

I'm currently working on an article on "dynamic classes" for object oriented systems (so that, for example, a Rectangle object can become a Square if its side lengths are equal).

I'm still working on some ideas for the matching model, notably hyper-cubes and hyper-cube-like topologies.

Some other research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms/Genetic Programming, Combinatorical and Discrete Mathematics (graph theory, posets, tournament structures) and Object Oriented Design Methodologies.

If you have any thought on the above topics, I'd love to discuss it with you.