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The ROD Model Query Language

a user-friendly interface for the slipnet

The Reactively Ordered Data Query Language was developed as a powerful yet intuitive interface for the Slipnet. It provides mechanisms for both constructing and querying the data stored within the Slipnet.

RODQL is based on the premise that every proposition can be expressed as a three word sentence in the form "subject verb object", and this "object relation object" structure is the foundation of the Slipnet as described in the previous section. Since exploring the Slipnet is precisely transversing a graph, we express our queries in graph-theoretical terms. The value returned by a query is a sub-graph of the original Slipnet graph. The basic statement types are as follows.

Note that each time a query is evaluated, a smaller Slipnet is returned, and users have the option of restricting future queries to this subgraph. Hence the above statements can be arbitrarily "chained" together. In addition, there are two keywords that allow one to combine queries. The meaning of both of these keywords correspond to their set theoretical (and by extension, graph theoretical) definitions.

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