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Search Rod Waldhoff's Tripod Pages

Search Rod's Tripod Pages

The following search engines allow domain- and directory-specific searches.

You can use those features to restrict your search to my Tripod pages by simply entering your search criteria below.

It might be faster to use my site map (currently not available), or look for the document yourself, starting at my root Tripod page.

In fact, this search page isn't all that practical, but I thought it was pretty neat anyway. You might want to view the source of this page to see how it works. (If you're using a JavaScript-friendly version of Netscape, you can use this link to view the source.)

Please let me know if you are aware of any other search engines that allow domain and directory specific searches.


AltaVista  note


AltaVista Note: AltaVista doesn't really allow directory specific searches, but it does allow one to specify a string that must appear in the matching URLs. Hence I've simply restricted the search to pages on the host machine whose URLs contain the string

In general, this should be equivalent, but it is possible to come up with that a page on whose URL contains the string but is not literally in the directories under (OK, so its not very likely, but you've been warned.)

This AltaVista search form also requires JavaScript support. Let me know if it breaks on your JavaScript enabled browser.