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Recent Changes to Rod Waldhoff's Pages

This page provides a reverse chronological list of changes to Rod's pages.

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1999 September 18:
I added some photographs of the pregnant Stephanie.
1999 July 18:
I've posted an article on The Type-Safe Enumeration Idiom which is an idiom I use for expressing constants in Java in a robust, type-safe fashion.
1999 July 17:
Re-integrated my Senior Project paper from Bard, entitled The Matching Model for Routing Permutations on Graphs with my site's new look and organization. This now includes a PDF version of my project paper.
1999 July 4:
Updated my homepage with a slightly new look.
1999 June:
Posted a somewhat old article on Storing the NetDynamics Session Id Within a Client-Side "Cookie".
1999 May 18:
More ultrasound pictures.
1999 March 16:
As some of you may know, my wife and I are expecting a child. You can see the first pictures of the little thumper here.
1999 January 31:
Updated my resume, adding PDF and MS Word 97 versions as well.
1998 August 25:
Added the article Implementing the Singleton Pattern in Java, which describes an idiom I commonly use when following the Singleton design pattern.
1998 July 20:
Initial version of this revision history. Prior changes not tracked.

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