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The Obligatory List of Links

Say, Rod, how can you have a web-site and not provide a list of your favorite links?
Well, if you insist...
Here are some neat and/or fun sites you might not know about, listed in no particular order.
The Long Now Foundation--building a 10,000 year clock to expand your temporal horizons.
Tired of plugging your own site in that unsold ad space? Why not use a public service annoucement or support a not-for-profit?
Project Gutenberg--where content is king.
The Onion, America's Finest News Source
Make sure the user wins in the browser wars.
Life is certainly better in This Modern World.
"The shining hope for a revolution in human consciousness lies in the actions of everyday people"
Pushing the boundaries of intellectual property rights.

You are at: / list of links