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The Reactively Ordered Data Model


 o Overview towards a marriage of theoretical and practical computer science
 o Introduction
 o A Quick Walk Through the Slipnet
 o The Slipnet and Beyond
 o The Slipnet a network for knowledge representation
 o Introduction
 o Sidebar Ross Quillian's Semantic Memory System
 o Overview of the ROD Model Slipnet
 o Comparison to SQL
 o Comparison to Predicate Calculus
 o Comparison to Hoftstadter and Mitchell's Slipnet
 o RODQL a user-friendly interface for the slipnet
 o Critique of the Design of the Slipnet some unresolved issues
 o The Problems Posed by Large Databases
 o The Representation of Infinite Domains
 o The Workspace towards a general purpose problem solver
 o The Workspace and Coderack in Copycat
 o Possible Workspace/Coderack Implementations Within the ROD Model
 o Index to the source code documentation

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