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Professional Accomplishments
• PICS: Personal Insurance Extranet (December 1998 - Present)
Co-developer for this national extranet application currently being built for a major insurance company. The system will provide partner agents with browser-based access to real-time policy and claims information residing in Oracle, Sybase and mainframe data-sources, and is the first phase of a personal insurance agent's "cockpit" site. PICS is a Java-based system utilizing the SilverStream Application Server 2.0, Servlets, and JDBC.

• HR Online: A Self-Service Human Resources Portal (September 1998 - December 1998)
Mentor and de-facto team leader for this global enterprise site for a major auto manufacturer. The system provides a dynamic portal for legacy HR applications, where content and security are dynamically data driven, as well as a number of self-service functions. As the primary NetDynamics resource on the team, my role included mentoring the team and NetDynamics developers across the enterprise on NetDynamics, Java, and Object-Oriented design, as well as developing a number of significant, reusable components including an LDAP interface, a memory-resident file cache, an SMTP mailing utility, an HTTP manipulation API and a scriptable application server monitoring utility. The HR Online code-base is intended to serve as a foundation for ongoing Java/NetDynamics development throughout the enterprise. The system was built using NetDynamics 4 and Oracle 8 and runs on Sun's Solaris platform. HR Online is built to support over 1000 transactions per minute.

• Distributed Workflow Enactment System (May 1998 - September 1998)
Lead developer for this custom, full-service, Java/CORBA-based workflow automation system that adheres to the Workflow Management Coalition's interoperability standards and the draft Object Management Group specification for Workflow Management Facilities. The system provides a graphical interface for business process definition, automated workflow routing and processing and live process monitoring and reporting for a major insurance company in the Chicago area. The system supports over 400 simultaneous clients and integrates with NetDynamics 4, Oracle 7 and the PeopleSoft AP and PO modules.

• AMWeb: Fixed Asset Tracking System (September 1997 - April 1998)
Lead developer for this 20,000 user, intranet application for a major insurance company. The application provides browser-based access to PeopleSoft's Asset Management (PS/AM) module, utilizing NetDynamics 3.12 as middleware and interfacing with PeopleSoft and custom tables within an Oracle 7 database. AMWeb runs on an HP-UX server. The system features:
  • self-service access to individual assets via HTML-based "wizards"
  • administrative controls for adjusting financial information, monitoring system use and user feedback and maintaining system control tables
  • live access to inventory data via a robust reporting architecture--including free-form queries and the ability to export data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
AMWeb is used for both financial and technology infrastructure reporting and has successfully serviced over 30,000 transactions per hour.

• Navimark: Campaign Management System (August 1997 - September 1997)
Subcontracted to a major consulting firm to assist in the development of a customizable, web-based application for campaign, contact and marketing database management for the banking and financial services industry. The system is built on a Java/CORBA architecture and utilizes NetDynamics 3.12 for web-connectivity and server-side processing and MicroStrategy’s Relational On-Line Analytical Processing (ROLAP) engine for data mining and processing services. The system is now sold as a customizable campaign management system, bundled with a consulting/implementation package.

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