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(address and phone available upon request)

 Object-Oriented analysis, design and programming
 Technical team management and leadership
 Full life-cycle development experience
 Transactional and dynamic Internet application design and development
 Distributed component design and development
 Database system design and development
 Certified instructor of NetDynamics 4

 Java--JDK 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 (Java Platform 2); Servlets (JSDK 1 and 2); JDBC; JavaCC; JavaBeans; AWT/JFC/Swing; Applets; Doclets; Enterprise Java Beans; IBM's Aglets (Mobile Agents)
 JavaScript; HTML; CSS
 XML--Simple API for XML (SAX), IBM's XML for Java; Sun's XML API
 Network Protocols and Standards--Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP); Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP); Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP); Multi-part Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)
 Object-Oriented MethodologiesUnified Modeling Language (UML); Booch; Rumbaugh; Fusion
 C++; C; Prolog; Pascal

 Sun NetDynamics Enterprise Application Platform
 SilverStream Software's SilverStream Application Server
 Inprise VisiBroker; Iona OrbixWeb; Sun Java IDL Naming Service
 PeopleSoft; Oracle; Sybase; SQL Server; MS Access
 Netscape Enterprise Server; Microsoft Internet Information Server; Apache Web Server; Java Web Server
 Netscape Directory Server
 Windows 95/98/NT; Sun Solaris; HP-UX; AIX; Linux; MacOS
 Intersolv PVCS; Microsoft SourceSafe
 Mercury Load Runner (Stress Testing Tool)
 Symantec Visual Cafe/Visual Page; Metrowerks Code Warrior; Inprise JBuilder; Microsoft FrontPage
employment history
The Planet Group -- Chicago, Illinois (1997 - present)
Consultant, Java Developer
Henderson Computer Resource Center (Bard College) -- Annandale, New York (1994 - 1996)
Help Desk (work-study)
Computer Innovations -- Chicago, Illinois (1993 - 1994)
Apprentice Programmer
National Opinion Research Center (NORC) -- Chicago, Illinois (1993)
Research Assistant
educational history
Bard College -- Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, 1997
 Senior Project: "The Matching Model for Routing Permutations on Graphs"
A formal analysis of graph topologies under a model for parallel processing.
 GPA: 3.3 / 4.0

 Sara Gelbart Prize in Mathematics (1997)
awarded annually to "the Bard College student who shows the most promise and produces outstanding work in mathematics"
 Dr. Gustave Aufricht Memorial Scholarship (1996)
awarded annually to "a gifted student in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics"
 Distinguished Science Scholarship (1992-1997)
full tuition scholarship awarded to ten students in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
 National Merit Scholarship (1992)
awarded to high-school seniors based on performance on aptitude tests and writing samples

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