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Rod's Go (WeiQi, Baduk) Links

General Go Links:

 o Yuopian's How To Play Go
An introduction to the game.
 o John Bate's Beginner's Introduction to Go
Another introduction.
 o Ken Warkentyne's Go Pages.
A comprehensive resource, including the Web Go Page Index a massive meta-list of links.
 o Go Tutor
A Java applet for playing out small problems (with solutions).
 o JaGo
A (weak) Java applet that you can play against online.
 o IBUKI Trading Post's Go Page
An online source for go related products.

Computer Go Links:

 o David Dyer's Go Program Page
The homepage of a vapor-ware go playing system, with papers on several aspects of the task.
 o Smart Go File Format Definition
The standard for the exchange of computer-readable games.
 o The Computer Go Ladder
An ongoing tournament between go playing programs.
 o Many Faces of Go
The official homepage of one of the best go playing programs in the world.
 o Computer Go Test Collection
A set of problems to help evaluate and increase the strength of your program.

The Internet Go Community:

A mailing list for the discussion of programming computers to play go. The list is archived at ???.???.
 o maintains a list of people who like to play go via e-mail.
Send the following information to get on the list:
  1. email address
  2. name
  3. strength
  4. desired opponent strength
  5. when available to play
A usenet newsgroup for the discussion of go.

Some FTP Sites:


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